Changing pay –
for good

Earnd is an app that helps businesses pay their people as they earn. No more waiting for payday. No more borrowing from lenders. No more financial stress. We created a brand that was big enough to change the status quo and affect real change for businesses and their people.

The on-demand pay revolution

Globally, financial stress is the number one workplace concern for staff and the cost to business is billions every year. Earnd was launched to change the way people get paid – for the good of businesses and their people.

Instead of waiting until payday, the Earnd app lets companies pay their people as they earn and (unlike other similar platforms) for free. No more loans and credit cards for employees and a more productive, profitable operation for businesses.

Giving control back to the people

We gave Earnd a powerful mission – to help everyone to take control of the money they’ve earned. Our brand symbol – the global ‘e’ switch – not only represents control in your hands, but also the necessary shift we all need to make away from the often damaging status quo.

From colour palette to tone of voice, the brand has plenty of flex - feeling trustworthy and authoritative for employers and revelatory and liberating for employees. Crucial too in matching the global reach and ambition of the brand.

Big brand thinking

As well as brand expression, we helped Earnd map their experience, so that both employers and employees can get the most out of key moments in the journey. We also designed and built the launch website.

By establishing Earnd as a big global player with a desire to reach every single employer and all their employees, we established the brand as the newest and fairest way for people to get paid.

Reset the ridiculous

Even though it makes no sense, we realised lot of people weren’t questioning the status quo of waiting weeks to get paid. So we created the ‘Reset the ridiculous’ campaign to make noise about the benefits of on-demand earning.

In our campaign, we highlight the absurdity of waiting for your pay by comparing it to other bizarre things. This invites people to realise how much easier and more rewarding life is when pay fits around your life. We launched this campaign to own and define a new category – and to wake the world up to a new way of living.

"Now more than ever there is a need to make pay as on-demand as everything else in our lives. With venturethree, we’ve created a brand that captures Earnd’s ambition and unique offer"Joe Hyland, Chief Marketing Officer, Earnd