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Harnessing collective power

Businesses have never been more at risk of cyber threats than they are today. Global investor Temasek are building a best-in-class network of cyber security solutions to help businesses defend themselves in a hyper-connected world. Together, we are creating a brand that harnesses the ‘collective power’ of the network to build cyber resilience and help businesses thrive.
"The world is living with new types of risk and companies need help responding to these in completely new ways. We want to be their first call at a time of crisis. A brand that is at once reassuringly expert and strikingly different."Rashmy Chatterjee, ISTARI Chief Executive Officer
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Next level cyber

Today, everything is connected. Great, if you’re a business creating new digital opportunities. Terrifying if you’ve been targeted by hackers and your most valuable asset – your data – is under threat.

Temasek knows that this new connected world needs a new connected approach. So they are forming a super-network of the very best cyber companies to help forward-looking businesses stay cyber resilient. To bring this to life in the brand, our creative idea is ‘collective power’.

Together, we're stronger

We are creating a brand that illuminates the dark world of cyber and gives businesses confidence that, with the power of the collective behind you, managing your cyber risk is more achievable than ever.

The name ISTARI comes from the world of JRR Tolkien. The ISTARI were a group of forward-looking sages: the guides of Middle Earth. And like them, ISTARI aim to help businesses successfully navigate the complex world of cyber.


ISTARI is born

We are also helping to launch the ISTARI Academy – a program to help the future leaders of cyber connect, share skills and learn new expertise. Meanwhile, the new ISTARI website offers an inspirational digital experience that leads the way in the latest cyber thinking.

But perhaps where ISTARI lives most compellingly is in the minds of the team who work there. Culturally, collective power unites the best-of-the-best and gives them all the means to make a real difference and a vision they can stand proudly behind.

ISTARI Cyber Academy
"What I think is most attractive about Collective Power is that it reflects the way in which our business is organised. The ISTARI concept really recognises that, in a networked business world, no one player is going to be able to supply the complete solution.”Tom Glocer, ISTARI Chairman