Sports Direct

From high street to higher purpose

We repositioned the Sports Direct brand from high street ‘value’ player to empowerment champion. Instead of standing for savviness, Sports Direct now use the powers of sport to champion the legend in everyone.

Bigger than value, more than money

For almost 30 years, Sports Direct have been offering great value sportswear across the UK. Known as the go-to for low-cost gear (and iconic oversized mugs) the business was doing well. But brand perception was not.

What Sports Direct was missing was a deeper purpose. v3 uncovered it. Because an obsession with value actually translates to accessibility.

No matter your budget, ambition or body, sport should be a right for everyone.

From this, we created the new Sports Direct brand purpose – using the powers of sports to champion the legend in everyone.

Breaking down barriers

The new Sports Direct brand has equality and inclusivity at its heart. Sport is the great equaliser, so we give people the confidence to be who they are ­­– whatever their sport, whatever their style.

This bold new positioning needs a bold new mark. One powerful enough to sit alongside the likes of the swoosh and the three stripes.

Our ‘equaliser’ mark stands for inclusivity – a confident and single-minded equals sign that enables and empowers. A powerful brand reinvention.

A resounding business impact

Our recent Back To School out-of-home campaign brings this to life. It urges kids to own their return to the classroom after lockdown in 2020. Over a third of parents said the campaign helped their kids feel confident about going back to school. Plus, in the two weeks following the launch, Sports Direct sales were up 12%.

But brand strategy, identity and campaigns are just the start. We continue to work with Sports Direct, cultivating a deeper understanding of what people need and how they interact with the brand. This defines our work crafting brand architecture, bringing in new acquisitions like Evans Cycles and Game, and shaping the future of digital fitness and community training.