A new brand with connection at the heart

US tech and entertainment leader Xfinity is on a mission to transform how people connect to what they love. With a fresh new brand built on inclusivity and emotion, Xfinity are set to shape the future of connection with newfound confidence and energy.
“Our iconic ‘X’ is the most powerful symbol of connection.”

Creating meaningful connection

Xfinity are a tech and entertainment giant. Over the last decade, they have brought internet, mobile and incredible content to over 20 million people across the US. And this year, as the brand brings the 2021 Olympics to the US, it’s a vital moment to redefine what they stand for – and to inject new meaning, energy and colour into the brand.

Xfinity bring connection into US homes. Not only do people need the physical connectivity of internet, but they also need the emotional connectivity of community and inclusion. Our brand strategy reset the foundations for Xfinity by championing this emotion at the heart of the brand. All to help Xfinity become truly loved.

One Xfinity, united

Xfinity operates as three separate regions, across multiple products and a varied channel mix. We created a single set of brand principles that have taken root in the business to create a unified brand, voice and culture, no matter where or how it’s experienced. At the heart of the brand, these new principles give Xfinity the confidence to go into the future.

Across the brand, marketing, product, retail, service and behaviour teams, this unified foundation continues to provoke new opportunities to connect. As brand stewards, we are the new conscience of the Xfinity brand, driving a more connected, inclusive experience for customers and employees alike.

A brand with people at the heart

We saw the potential for greatness in our primary asset – the ‘X’. As the ultimate symbol of connection, it brings fresh meaning and vitality to the brand. We built the new Xfinity around inclusion, creating a less masculine look and championing accessibility.

With light as our colour and people made central, we focus on the emotion in every connection. Our brand principles – keep it simple, make it personal and embrace the awesome – bring this to life in bright new ways. Across mobile, retail, broadband superiority, new TV experiences and the wider Xfinity portfolio, we are creating a truly connected experience.