Brand purpose

Effective brand purpose goes beyond CSR and culture – it goes to the heart of an organisation and can create meaningful value. We help you find a deeper, more emotive connection to the world, giving your customers and colleagues something powerful to believe in and be a part of.

Showing Brand purpose


Building bridges with online reviews

We’re in a people-powered era. Customers want to feel like they’re shaping the world and making a difference. That’s where Trustpilot come in. We’re bringing reviewers and businesses closer together through open engagement. Working with the 700-person Trustpilot team, we created a brand that works for everyone.
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A Pioneering Spirit

With real-time exchange rates and no hidden fees, Transferwise helps people move money freely across borders. We celebrated this spirit with a new brand to position Transferwise as pioneers for money positivity.
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A brand idea big enough to tackle global problems

OpenAgTM is a network that makes agriculture accessible for all. By helping farmers, suppliers, NGOs and governments interact directly – rather than through an outdated linear supplier chain – OpenAgTM begins to tackle the big issues facing global food shortages. More than just a brand idea, we created a whole new business model. One with the power to affect global change.
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Beyond frontiers

We gave SES a purpose that took them beyond being a satellite company and into being a technological pioneer. Their new purpose looked ‘beyond frontiers’ – helping the business reimagine what’s possible across different geographies and technologies.
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Great Green Wall

A brand to fight climate change

The Great Green Wall is a UN-sponsored, African Union-led initiative. It aims to plant an 8,000 km wall of trees from Senegal to Djibouti – which will reduce drought, famine and mass migration. We introduced the world to this project through an immersive storytelling campaign called ‘Growing a World Wonder’.
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A brand to believe in

We worked with Jio to create an internet brand people could believe in. One to empower people across India to live better lives and connect with each other like never before.
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Penguin Random House

Recasting Reading

We encouraged Penguin Random House to think like an entertainer instead of a traditional publisher. Together, we recast reading as the most sought-after entertainment experience – a true alternative to digital media.
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Just Eat

A Community of Food Lovers

Before the likes of Uber Eats and Deliveroo, Just Eat revolutionised takeaway by uniting thousands of restaurants under a single platform. Inspired by this game-changing DNA, we created a new Just Eat brand to build a community of food lovers.
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The beautiful impact of better sleep

For one third of the world, poor sleep is an accepted part of daily life. Tech-turned-sleep pioneers Dreem had a bold ambition – help one billion people sleep better. We helped bring to life the revolutionary technology, infectious optimism and world-leading expertise behind the business.
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Daily Motion

Making online video alternative again

As many online video platforms like YouTube become increasingly commercial, this creates new opportunities for players like Dailymotion to take a stand. We gave Dailymotion a refreshing new brand that gives everyone a voice, embodied in their mission ‘to keep the world surprising and diverse’.
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Bormioli Pharma

Putting health in the hands of the world

Every year, Bormioli Pharma produces over 5.5 billion units of pharmaceutical packaging and solutions. Inspired by their innovative products and passion for detail, we helped them realise a brand with a credible and vital role – to put health in the hands of the world.
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Star Plus

The limitless power of women

With women playing a growing part in India’s middle class, Star Plus knew it was time to share their power on-screen. Together, we built a new entertainment brand that heroes the independence of the modern Indian woman through her personal relationships.
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Sky Zero

The vision of a carbon neutral future

We helped Sky share their net zero carbon pledge with a new brand called Sky Zero. Together, we’re inspiring the world to ‘Go Zero’ and make a difference for the planet.
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Changing pay – for good

The way we think about payday is outdated. Not only that, it is often damaging to the people who can’t access their earnings – even though they’ve already earned them. It leaves people removed from their money, stressed out and more likely to borrow from payday loan companies or expensive credit cards. We gave Earnd a powerful purpose to change all that.
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