Brand reinvention

More times than not, a brand isn’t a blank sheet of paper. We find the core equity in your existing brand and explore the optimal way to express it. Through this, we can help you increase your impact, go after a new opportunity or solve a business problem.

Showing Brand reinvention


Creating a media superbrand

We’ve been working with Sky for almost 20 years to help them navigate the ever-changing landscape of entertainment. By being nimble and constantly innovating, together we’ve kept the brand relevant and growing.
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NOW rebrand: Simply brilliant entertainment 

NOW TV has the best content in the world. But its transactional past – with an easy-come, easy-go proposition and ticket-led identity – meant that people weren’t engaging with the brand long-term. We reimagined NOW as a membership brand, committed to bringing people closer to the entertainment they love to create a stickier brand that could compete for attention.
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Not your ordinary lender

Everyone else in the market sells forgettable mortgage products – Landbay gives their customers memorable experiences. Working closely with the leadership team, we developed a fresh, bold and entirely new brand which expresses this difference.
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Reinventing connection in the US

Xfinity’s accessible internet is award-winning in both service and performance. But with a decade of experience behind them, it was time to reassess their role in people’s lives. We created a new brand strategy and expression to redefine Xfinity as the ultimate connector – bringing people and the things they love together.
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The possibility platform

Yubi is a rapidly scaling fintech with ‘unicorn’ status. It needed a new strategy, name and visual expression that lived up to the businesses’ global ambitions. Driven by a belief in human potential and trust we reinvented the brand – shifting it from a debt marketplace to a ‘possibility platform’.
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Sports Direct

Redefining a high street icon

The Sports Direct brand used to mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. But today, it stands for one thing. Helping everyone champion the legend within. Sports Direct encourages equality and inclusion, so that no matter your sport and no matter your style, you can own it.
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The mighty power of small for the planet

Meet the Micros – the tiny Biosolutions that make a massive impact to global sustainability. We helped NPP create their new brand – around one simple insight and a hoard of cute characters.
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A New Script for a Media Brand

Fremantle Media wanted a brand that creative minds could call home. Our position, ‘The Creative Signature’, leaves a mark on every aspect of the new brand, heroing the individuals that create Fremantle’s iconic shows. It’s also guiding the brand into unscripted territory, with new programming, new audiences and new talent to make it all possible.
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Beyond the brand: a new category

We breathed new life into the Uswitch brand. By repositioning them as a switching experience, not a comparison site – we moved ourselves out of a tired category and created a brand about something else. Opportunity. The opportunity for our customers to get more of what they want, more out of their life
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Reviewing the world’s leading rating platform

Trustpilot has been at the heart of online reviews for a decade. But things have changed a lot in the past 10 years. We reimagined the review as a personal experience, helping Trustpilot to integrate with brands and bring customers closer to businesses.
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Just Eat

A brand as flavourful as their menuWe helped hungry customers and reserved restaurants ‘find their flavour’ through the Just Eat app. The new brand repositions takeaway as a community building experience – connecting food lovers and high-quality eateries across neighbourhoods.

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Impact, not infrastructure

SES needed a new position to move their brand into a future being shaped by tech giants like Facebook and Google. To do it, we showcased their impact on billions of lives around the world with a new brand idea – ‘Beyond Frontiers’. This ambitious idea helped reposition SES from an infrastructure company to a technological leader.
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Bormioli Pharma

A small brand with a big impact

We helped transform Bormioli Pharma from a corporate manufacturer to a health solution innovator. The new brand focuses on perfecting small things to make big things possible – an ambitious idea that’s made Bormioli a leader in global healthcare.
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Bitesize Brilliance

We repositioned King from a digital game platform to a true entertainment brand. Our brand idea ‘Bitesize Brilliance’ gave King the ambition to make mobile gaming an unmissable moment that can be enjoyed anywhere.
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Think confident

With a portfolio of much-loved magazines like Elle, Esquire and Men’s Health, Hearst inspires millions of people to live the lives they want. But they needed a brand to take them from a traditional media company to a new media powerhouse. Our solution was ‘Confidence’. It reflects Hearst’s DNA and celebrates their life-changing impact on global readers.
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A brand to connect businesses

We envisioned Hyve as a fresh take on the tired world of business trade shows. With a new focus on building human connections, we renamed the brand and developed a new strategy around the belief that meaningful human interactions are the most powerful levers for business success.
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Daily Motion

Videos by everyone, for everyone

Dailymotion is one of the world’s biggest online video platforms. They needed a brand to hero their progressive view, where everyone can express themselves and share their stories. We helped them bring their vision to life with a new position – ‘to keep the world surprising and diverse’.
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Star Sports

New heroes for young Indians

We helped Star Sports connect with young people across India by ‘inspiring the hero’ in everyone. This idea pushed the brand beyond broadcasting to involve youth directly in a new sports movement where anyone can play.
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Star Plus

New thinking

Star Plus is sharing new stories to celebrate the power of modern Indian women to impact the world. With our brand idea, Nayi Soch or ‘new thinking’, we helped them develop a platform to bring these stories to life – on-screen and off.
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Penguin Random House

From publisher to entertainer

In a digital age, reading often takes a backseat to iPads and Netflix. We reimagined Penguin Random House as an entertainer – returning authors and their books to the centre of everyday life.
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Better Work, Better You

We repositioned Regus from an office space supplier to an expert on the world of work. With a new brand built on personal growth and fulfillment, Regus is empowering people ‘to do the best work of their lives’.
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Gamed in China

Seasun, China’s first global gaming brand, wanted to share their creative spirit with developers, investors and players around the world. Guided by a new identity ‘Gamed in China’, we positioned Seasun to reach new audiences with authentic stories and aesthetics influenced by east and west.
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Balancing trust and disruption

Transferwise are rewriting the rules of exchanging money. We built a brand based around the idea of ‘money without borders’ –a true financial revolution. It’s time to take power from the banks and put it back in the hands of the people.
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A bold new brand for a bold new world

Payoneer have pioneered the way in global payments over 15 years at the forefront of the new digital era. But with their brand lagging behind their business, it was time to create a new brand identity as borderless, boundless and brilliant as their global ambitions. Our new universal brand strategy and expression put Payoneer where they belong: anywhere, everywhere, and at the heart of the new digital economy.
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