Every company is unique in the way it does things. We affect cultural change in businesses to help shape the social and psychological dynamic of a brand. From ‘who we are’ to ‘how we interact’, culture has the power to drive the behaviour and beliefs of a business.

Showing Culture


Uniting two disparate companies behind a brand

When UPL bought Arysta LifeSciences in 2018, they needed to unify two companies with a complimentary portfolio but fundamentally different cultures and business models. We brought both entities together under the idea of OpenAgTM. A true call to arms, it gave stakeholders and employees a singular vision to take the business forward as one, united team.
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Every voice is heard

Aside from experience strategy and design, we wanted to champion Landbay’s internal culture too – a working environment in which every member of staff is treated as an equal partner. To do that, we developed six central behaviours which, individually and together, would inform every decision or action taken by the group, while reflecting what makes Landbay so unique.
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A business built on innovation

Sky pride themselves on believing in better. For themselves, for their customers and for the world. It’s this ethos that keeps the business evolving and growing.
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Star Plus

The new building blocks of society

Uniting the whole Star Plus business around a single idea would be crucial to success. Nayi Soch – or ‘new thinking – is not only a creative idea for execution, but a rallying cry for the business too.
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Penguin Random House

A new chapter in publishing

We helped shift the mindset of Penguin Random House from traditional publisher to experience-led entertainer. The result? Engaged employees. Happy readers. Greater revenue.
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