Food and agriculture

When it comes to the fundamentals of food and agriculture, we know just how transformative the power of brand can be.

Showing Food and agriculture

Just Eat

Find your flavour

The new Thai place down the road. The Indian that does the best naans. The kebab shop you drive past everyday but never really noticed. We helped Just Eat became more than just a takeaway app, as we encouraged people to ‘find their flavour’.
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Feeding the world for the future

We gave OpenAg a new and unique business model. One with the power to unite people and help solve global food shortages.
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Brighter futures for farmers and food

Growing more food for a growing population is difficult. Doing it in a sustainable way is even harder. Small farmers will play a vital role in our food future. is a platform designed to help them prosper and thrive.
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Building a new Biosolutions category

The planet is out of balance and sustainability is our only way to restore harmony. We created a fresh take on agriculture for NPP – one full of optimism, hope and the power of change.
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