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In a world where the next big thing is in constant flux, we help brands stay front-of-mind.

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Sky Glass

Reinventing the TV

Glass is Sky’s first TV. As their long-term brand partner, we helped guide Sky through their latest evolution as they made entertainment simpler, more human and more enthralling than ever before. From product to identity, we’ve shaped the next generation of entertainment.
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Evolution in entertainment

Over almost 2 decades, we’ve been helping Sky evolve their brand. By baking a spirit of innovation into the core of the brand, Sky have continued to win with new products, categories and ideas.
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Sky Q

Fresh eyes on entertainment

The way we watch TV has changed. Sky Q was born to adapt to our habits – and form new ones. ‘Fluid viewing’ became the driving force behind the Sky Q brand – a new UI and UX led approach for Sky.
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Sky Kids

Growing the brand into a new category

How do you take a very grown-up brand into the world of kids’ entertainment? We helped Sky launch Sky Kids by helping them embrace the fun and messiness.
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Sky Zero

The power of 0

By 2030, Sky will be the first net zero carbon entertainment company. Sky 0 was the brand we created to help them achieve this ambitious goal.
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Sky Mobile

A network that works for us

Can a mobile network be as loved as a technology company? We created the Sky Mobile brand to shake things up and give people more than they expect from their network.
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Penguin Random House

Thinking like an entertainer

Physical publishing was under threat. But we believed in the power of books to be as entertaining and relevant as ever. We helped reposition Penguin as an entertainment brand, not a publisher, to reignite our love of reading.
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A brand built for the on-demand world

From Netflix to Disney +, there’s a lot of competition in the world of streaming. We repositioned NOW as a membership brand and the ultimate destination for people who love and live for brilliant entertainment. Dedicated to making sure no one misses out on the content they love, NOW stands for immediate access to the very best movies, entertainment and live sport.
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Star Plus

Putting progress for women on TV

Star Plus knew that TV drama could change national perceptions. They gave women new stories to help advance the nation of India.
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Star Sports

The nation united

Sport has the power to bring people together. Star Sports wanted to inspire their growing youth population to actively get involved in sport.
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Daily Motion

Diversity. Liberty. Challenge.

We helped French video-platform Dailymotion champion freedom of expression and diversity of view to help them gain 300 million unique monthly viewers and 3 billion + monthly views worldwide.
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Signing off with creativity

Fremantle are a global, leading production company, driven to create the most compelling original dramas. We gave them a brand to hero their unique creative talent – the ‘creative signature’ behind every aspect of their work.
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The confidence to be who you are

We gave Hearst Magazines a new brand strategy – ‘confidence’. Not just representing the empowerment they give to their readers, but also for themselves internally to believe in their own reach and power.
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