One of the single most important elements of your brand, we believe naming is as much strategic as it is creative. We set out a framework for naming to understand everything from meaning to tonality. We’ll also guide your business through legal discussions and trademarking.

Showing Naming


A name full of meaning

Jio was more than a communications company. It was a movement with the potential to propel a nation forward. We needed a name that spoke to that larger ambition, but also felt universal and relevant. Jio comes from ‘Jivo’ – meaning to ‘Live Life’ – a joyous celebration of the potential and ambition of the project.
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Right here, right now

NOW TV needed to feel immediate and challenging. But it also needed to feel punchy and powerful. With plenty of scope for entertainment and fun. We came up with a name to do all that – and more.
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Scar Free

A brand idea big enough to tackle global problems

Who were The Healing Foundation and what did they stand for? With ambitious fundraising targets and a hefty mission on their shoulders, we knew we needed to simplify their world. The first step was to rename them The Scar Free Foundation. It represented the simplest iteration of their mission, purpose and vision – to make a world without scars a reality.
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Sky Zero

Putting a name to a vision

By 2030, Sky are aiming to be the first net zero carbon media company. We helped them share their ambition with the world by creating a brand called Sky Zero.
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A little naming magic

Cyber security can feel a little daunting. What businesses really need is a guide to see them through the complexity. We named ISTARI after the legendary wizards of Tolkien’s Middle Earth – illuminating, forward-looking, powerful and connected.
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