We harness the power of technology to create brands with range and reach.

Showing Technology


Serious about sleep

There’s nothing more distressing than when you can’t sleep. And with 33% of us regularly struggling to drop off, Dreem needed to become the technology brand waking the world up to the importance of sleep.
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Realising ‘money across borders’

‘Money across borders’ implies a seamless, digital experience. And we helped the Transferwise digital team embed effortless experiences at the heart of their new brand. --- Can we check this is correct?? I don’t know enough about the project!
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Standing out by standing for more

The world of price-comparison sites is a cluttered and crazy one. We created a new Uswitch – based on genuine value – rather than the gimmicks and quick wins of the rest of the category.
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Building bridges with online reviews

We’re in a people-powered era. Customers want to feel like they’re shaping the world and making a difference. That’s where Trustpilot come in. We’re bringing reviewers and businesses closer together through open engagement. Working with the 700-person Trustpilot team, we created a brand that works for everyone.
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Just Eat

Thinking bigger than the phone

Just Eat had bigger ambitions than being just a takeaway app. They wanted to be a community – encouraging people to explore new tastes and ‘find their flavour’.
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From internet provider to national movement

Jio had a mission to bring cheap internet to all of India. We built a brand with the power to incite a national change – and help Indians get more out of living their lives.
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Getting there first

In 2013, gaming brand King knew that smartphone apps were on the horizon. We gave them a strategy – Bitesize Brilliance – to help them dominate in this new category.
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Internet Matters

A safer place to play online

How safe are our kids online? We helped Internet Matters launch a campaign with the four big UK internet providers to raise awareness on online safety for parents.
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Daily Motion

Diversity. Liberty. Challenge.

We helped French video-platform Dailymotion champion freedom of expression and diversity of view to help them gain 300 million unique monthly viewers and 3 billion + monthly views worldwide.
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Communicating ‘beyond frontiers’

Beyond geography. Beyond technology. SES satellites enable some of the world’s biggest tech brands. We gave them an identity and content strategy that lived up to this scale.
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Scale and success for one of the US’ biggest brands

We created a new brand strategy and expression for US internet provider Xfinity. Positioning them as the ultimate connector, we helped unify the brand behind a singular vision for the future. This vision not only guides brand, but also product development and service teams across three regions for over 20m customers.
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Shaping the future of sustainable farming

Smartphones have put power back into the hands of small farmers. Working with, we helped it develop a platform to take advantage of this, giving farmers access to everything they need to increase their resilience.
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