Tone of voice

A distinctive voice is as important as your brand’s look and feel. From messaging matrices to training workshops, our writers and strategists deliver the tools your brand needs to communicate effectively, distinctively and powerfully at every touchpoint.

Showing Tone of voice


A voice that’s true to the brand

The new NOW voice is simply brilliant – large enough to stretch to every piece of content and channel, and tight enough to be consistent. Rooted in the four brand experience principles, our new voice removes subjectivity from copy and allows NOW’s writers to create world-class verbal expression every time. As well as creating the voice, we also ran a series of workshops and created bespoke channel guidance to help embed it.
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A different way of speaking

The voice we developed for Landbay is inherently welcoming. There’s an accessibility to the brand now, an open and honest way of speaking which is rare in this industry, but no less appreciated.
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The real and the feel

The real and the feel guides the way that Sky write. The real is about staying human and straight talking. The feel is about the energy and dynamism that makes something unmistakably Sky.
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Reassurance at every stage

When it comes to building their credit score, people often feel embarrassed and secretive. We wanted to change all that. So we created an open and empathetic voice – embodied by our character, Aqua – to help remove the stigma and help people get the credit builder card they need to get on with their lives.
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Bip brand launch: Credit that’s as simple as it sounds

It would be easy to create a tone of voice around a brand that wanted to be ‘simple’. Cut the jargon, be human – job done, right? Not for us. We wanted to be disruptive too. We built on the idea of ‘simple’ to create a voice rooted in sound. Something so simple, it almost lives beyond the complexity of language. Punchy headlines. Alliteration and onomatopoeia. Rhythm that makes us sound totally different to other brands who wanted to be seen as ‘simple’.
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Re-writing the switching experience

In a world of fluffy animals and sonic gimmicks, standing out can be tough. But we believed that the power of simple, warm words could cut through the noise. By exploring the language of real people and their quirks, we built a voice for Uswitch that’s unique within the category. And to embed it in the business, we ran workshops for everyone from their content writers to call centre staff.
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Writing a voice for everyone

The Trustpilot voice needed authority and flex. Authority, so that people could trust and respect it, and flex, so that it made space for other brands and voices on its platform.
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