Credit that's as simple as it sounds

We launched Bip – completely cardless credit. Disruptively simple, we created a bold, sonic brand to stand out in a world of fintech stereotypes.

Launching credit without the card

Credit was designed to keep people’s lives moving. But along the way, it became complicated. NewDay knew it was time to change that, so they created Bip – a new kind of credit product for tech-adopters who live life on their phones. In 2019, we created a brand to put credit in the palm of people’s hands. By 2020, people could join the waitlist. And by September 2021, we launched the app.

Starting with sound, our design scheme was invented as a metaphor for a new world of credit. A world that is disruptively simple. Digital-first. Built around customers to put them in control. The aim was to make our brand become synonymous with digital credit. And to make that digital credit famous. No fuss, no fees, no card.

Credit that’s as simple as it sounds

To start, we called the brand Bip. A single, unique syllable that stands out against the lumbering names that categorise the sector. But Bip is more than just a name. It’s the lead for a sonic soundscape that grabs attention – in everything from haptics, to a mnemonic, to a full audio track.

Brand expression and digital experience had to be one and the same. So we built the brand with experience, front and centre. The result is a seamless yet versatile expression and experience, which inspire and complement one another.

The freedom of simplicity

Our brand system is flexible, so the brand looks different every time you see it. But with a bold set of sonic, verbal and graphic elements to tie the brand together, it always feels unmistakably Bip.

This represents an important challenge for the Bip brand. To drive impact in a crowded market, by continually innovating and pushing forward. From micro-interactions in the UI, to bold copy, to animated celebrations, the Bip brand experience will continue to surprise, engage and put the customer in control.

Disrupting the market

To launch Bip, our fully integrated campaign delivered one simple message – that cardless credit puts you in control. Our single-minded colour palette meets bold UI-inspired icons to create a stand-out campaign and grab attention.

Across TV, radio and iconic OOH placements, the sound of Bip also came to life – from rhythmical scripts, to a memorable brand track, to a focus on sound effects. A fitting launch for a brand that lives and breathes simplicity and ease.

'We created Bip to meet new needs in the market. v3 gave us a powerful brand and a bold direction that stretches across the entire customer experience.'Ben Maudsley, Head of Brand and Design, NewDay