Great Green Wall

Changing the face of a continent

The Great Green Wall is a UN-sponsored, African Union-led project with a life-changing mission – reduce the effects of climate change across 16 countries. We helped launch the project with a new brand and campaign. We called it ‘Growing a World Wonder’.
“The virtual reality film helped us bring the wall closer to millions of people around the world.”United Nations

Taking a big story to big audiences

The Great Green Wall is a unique UN development project. The goal is to plant an 8000 km wall of trees across Africa – bringing food, fresh water and jobs to 100 million people from Senegal to Djibouti.

We needed a ground-breaking brand to engage the world and attract funding. So, we created a campaign called ‘Growing a World Wonder.

Growing a World Wonder

‘Growing a World Wonder’ is a huge idea that highlights the ambition of local people to fight drought, famine and mass migration, and build a better future for their communities.

To bring the brand to life, we produced a 360˚ VR film, immersing viewers into the story of Binta and her grandfather. This Senegalese girl shares how the Great Green Wall has already helped her family and their village by restoring farmland and re-opening the local market.

Building a greener future

‘Growing a World Wonder’ positioned the Great Green Wall as a story that needed to be heard across the world. The film aired at Paris COP21, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, where it was praised by the Economist and the New York Times.

The $4 billion we helped raise at Paris COP21 also means that the project is on-track to meet its 2030 goal and create a healthier future for 100 million Africans.

“v3 helped us communicate the scale and importance of this project through the power of storytelling.”United Nations