Seizing a new category with Bitesize Brilliance

We worked with King to capitalise on a massive shift in the gaming landscape – and claim an entirely new category in the process.

A new multi-billion dollar industry

As the smartphone was about to become everyone’s personal entertainment platform, was making digital games for web and Facebook.

Our work helped them to seize the mobile app opportunity and claim an entirely new category. King needed a big mission – and we gave it to them. A mission to become ‘the entertainment leader for the mobile world.’

Mobile gaming for the mainstream

Their real competition wasn’t other game makers, but entertainment businesses competing for share of attention. From this position, we created ‘snackable entertainment’, a new category. King could be there first, they could lead it.

The idea ‘Bitesize Brilliance’ brings the entire experience together. It is the force that helps establish King as a world-renowned creative enterprise. With King’s teams across the world, we built a brand that understands not just how technology is changing, but the future of entertainment.

The new pixar

These values defined a new culture and spawned new games at King. They helped create a forward-facing future for the brand.

Following an IPO of $7bn, King was acquired by Activision Blizzard. It is one of the single biggest deals in the history of the gaming industry.

King now has a stable of titles in the top 50 grossing apps worldwide and a loyal fan base of over 200m users a month.

As millions switch on their mobiles to play rather than talk, King is now their destination.