Sky Zero

Because the world can’t wait

By 2030, Sky want to become the first net zero carbon entertainment company. We gave them a brand to bring their ambition to life and inspire the world to ‘Go Zero’.

A Brand for a Better World

In 2006, Sky became the first carbon-neutral media company. But they’ve never been one to stop believing in a better world. In February 2020, they pledged to go net zero carbon by 2030 – 20 years earlier than the UK government’s target.

It’s a huge challenge. One that means they have just 20 years to convert 5000 vehicles, support 11,000 suppliers and inspire 24 million customers to get involved. We’re working with Sky to bring these numbers to life with a new initiative called Sky Zero.

Go Zero

Going net zero carbon is a massive challenge for an international business like Sky. They needed a brand to drive change from within and encourage millions around the world to do their part.

We named the ambition ‘Sky Zero’, with the strapline
‘Go Zero’. We also created a proactive design that’s forming the visual base of the Sky Zero campaigns.