Sky Glass

TV reimagined

We partnered with Sky and their agencies to create the brand strategy, identity and campaign for Glass, Sky’s first ever TV. It brings together the best of Sky innovation to offer customers a simpler, more entertaining, more human experience.

Informed by real experiences from living rooms across the nation, we discovered there were many pain points to watching TV. Like messy wires, multiple remotes, various devices, complicated tech-specs and a growing number of entertainment brands.

These challenges informed the brand ambition and defined the strategy of one TV that houses everything and supercharges entertainment.

The heart of home

From our positioning, we created the name and identity for Sky’s new TV – Glass. The brand needed to balance cutting-edge innovation with a human touch. The ultimate expression of technology that belongs at the heart of the home.

The logo – comprises of a 16:9 Glass window and bespoke font – speaking to both the sharpness of design precision and the personality of a human signature. From the “Hello Sky” voice command to the five unique product colours, every aspect of the brand was reimagined with home in mind.

Making magic

Collaborating with internal teams and partner agencies, we helped develop every aspect of the brand, from website, out-of-home campaign and the launch TV spot, to the launch event itself at Magazine London.

And we’re already looking to the future, developing further innovations and ideas to make sure the Sky Glass experience continues to be better and better.

“By bringing the best talent from Sky Creative and venturethree together we were able to develop and craft the Sky Glass brand to a level that matched the audacious ambition of the project.”Ceri Sampson, ECD, Sky Creative