Sky Mobile

Building a network for today and tomorrow

Sky has a legacy of reinvention stretching back to 1989. Now, the brand wants to win the trust and loyalty of mobile customers by completely reshaping their experience. We helped them to create the smart network for the hyper-connected generation.

Love your network

In 2020, there will be 8 times more traffic on mobile networks. This massive growth is being driven by 18-24 year olds, whose phones have become the gateway to everything. As they have for all of us.

Mobile is how we bank, shop, socialise, how we entertain ourselves. But the excitement and desire doesn’t just come from what our phones enable us to do, it comes from the tech brands who make them.

Can a network brand be loved like a technology brand?

Whilst brands like Apple, Samsung and LG thrive on constantly evolving their handsets, network brands have become utility-like. With similar offers, ideas and messages, they can blur into one. Although Vodafone is red and O2 blue, there’s very little between them.

Sky launching a mobile network was an opportunity to shake things up. To create a network brand that challenges not only the other major networks, but the major tech brands.

We help to create the smart network for the hyper-connected generation.

The Smart Network

That means understanding that people have a constantly changing relationship with their phones. It means freeing people from their frustrations. Putting flexibility, control and choice back in their hands. And getting them excited about the future too.

As the way we communicate evolves, as our phones become an even bigger part of our lives and the way we entertain ourselves – we stream, we game, we broadcast – Sky’s role in people’s lives will grow too. Our role will be to help them to continually create new and entirely better experiences for people.