Sky Q

Entertainment unlimited

Sitting down in front of the TV certainly isn’t what it used to be. New technologies have changed how and where we watch. And more companies are competing for the home, from tech players like Netflix and Amazon to gaming businesses like PlayStation and Xbox. Now Sky is launching Sky Q to change the viewing experience again.

Could we define the next-generation experience?

Sky is building a completely new entertainment system. It is more seamless and personal than ever before, with state of the art kit to match. We helped Sky build the brand strategy for the new service, defining its positioning, proposition and role within the broader Sky product portfolio.

Welcome to fluid viewing

We defined the brand experience to influence every touch point and created the idea “Fluid Viewing” to communicate that the product is built around people’s new behaviours and needs. We developed several naming options, with Sky Q chosen to compliment Sky’s existing brand architecture and signal a step change from Sky+.

Reinventing the Sky brand

Over the course of 18 months we worked with teams across Sky from product to sales & marketing, and multiple agency partners, to bring Sky Q to life. We worked intensively to design a new brand world from scratch, with liquid glass as a symbol of the Fluid Viewing concept. We worked closely with UX and UI teams to ensure the product experience lived up to the idea and guided advertising specialists to launch the brand with punch and impact.

Ready for the future

Sky Q launched with a bang in early 2016, receiving strong endorsement from industry experts and customers alike. We continue to partner with Sky to help grow the brand and position the service as the definitive next generation experience.