Tata Play

Tata Sky rebrand to Tata Play

Get ready for Tata Play, a new icon for India. Providing TV and streaming services to 23 million homes, Tata Play brings new energy and warmth to Indian entertainment, and makes lives better in the process.

India’s superbrand today and tomorrow

From airlines to automobiles, coffee to communications, Tata is one of India’s biggest, best loved and most authentic brands. Forever at the forefront of change, it has always been first to introduce new innovations, new offerings and new opportunities to billions in India and is the country’s most trusted brand.

Over the last 15 years Tata Sky has become the number one pay TV platform in India, opening up access to more people and bringing the world’s best quality entertainment into homes across the nation.

Now, it’s time to build on that legacy to inspire the next generation of digitally savvy and culturally hungry Indians. A young country deserves a young brand – one that’s big enough to both champion Tata’s cherished roots and propel it into new spaces, products, services and partnerships.

Tata like you’ve never seen it

New era, new energy, new name. Tata Play, formerly Tata Sky, is a super-aggregator of entertainment and services. The best TV. The fastest broadband. The simplest experiences. Whenever and however you want it.

A vision this big needs a brand idea to match. “Play Better” unites Tata’s name (Play) and its purpose (betterment). It shows its sense of fun, its quality, and the improvement it brings to people’s lives.

But betterment isn’t just about getting more content or watching in HD. Tata Play’s purpose is to make tomorrow better than today for both homes and families, from delivering seamless experiences to developing life-enhancing innovations that go beyond entertainment.

Fast forward

We’re on a mission to take the new name Play and give it new meaning. Because Play doesn’t just mean fun. It’s also freedom – to watch any content and any channel on any screen. Flexibility – to go live, catch up, jump in and out. Quality. Innovation. Personalisation. Connection. It’s about making life better for everyone in India.

That’s why we repurposed the ‘A’ of Tata as our new brand symbol to signify both ‘play’ and ‘progress’. Our brand principles – Genuine warmth, Creative innovation, Captivating joy – reflect this and promise to make life more joyous for subscribers by creating a seamless and connected world of entertainment.

A portfolio of better brands

We’ve created an entire family of sub brands to accommodate the bold scope and ambitions of the new Tata Play. These new products are clearly connected to the master brand, yet distinctive enough to stand alone. They welcome Tata Play's traditional audience, while appealing to the young, digitally focused generation who demand more than a satellite dish.

Binge is Tata Play’s aggregator app and is born digital for an audience that lives their lives online. The brand world reflects the on-demand experience that this new audience expects. And Tata Play Fiber, its 100% fiber broadband offer, heroes movement to reflect the network’s impressive speed.

Making it real

To bring the brand to life we collaborated with partner agencies and in-house teams, to make sure it was launched true to the core brand values and future ambition. With new partnerships announced and a revamped customer service proposition, Tata Play is already living and breathing its new brand.

This is just the beginning. With a new brand, clear focus, and new avenues to explore in the future, Tata Play is ready to press play on ‘better’ for millions in India.

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‘v3 brought our bold vision to life. They gave us a unique creative solution of the utmost simplicity by taking something we already own and filling it with new meaning. It was so compelling that there was no room for debate.’Anurag Kumar, Chief Communications Officer, Tata Play