Sharing experiences that matter

How do you create a brand experience that lives up to your five-star image? We re-established online review platform Trustpilot as a category leader by reframing reviews into personal experiences that matter.
v3 were there for us, and then some. From collaborating with our team in Copenhagen to speaking to our investors in Ibiza, they really worked with us, not just for us.'Glenn Manoff, Chief Communications Officer, TrustPilot

Transforming the customer review

All feedback is good feedback. Especially for Trustpilot – the world’s leading customer review platform. As businesses work harder than ever to satisfy customers, Trustpilot are in a unique position to act as a knowledgeable go-between for these groups.

We helped Trustpilot bring 200,000 businesses and their customers closer together by rethinking the power of the review. Not just as a rating, but a meaningful experience with real-world impact.

Designing tools for better experiences

We envisioned Trustpilot as a brand owned by the people. A platform that creates a better experience for everyone. Together, we launched the ‘Find Reviewer’ tool, which puts businesses and reviewers in direct contact. So far, it’s reduced glitches and customer complaints by 90%.

We also designed the ‘TrustBot,’ a widget that removes fake reviews. Uploading easily into websites, it averages a billion monthly impressions.

Adding stars

Digging into Trustpilot’s Danish roots, we adopted the ‘Law of Jante’ – an idea that embraces the power of teamwork over individual glory. Working alongside 700 people in the marketing, product and insight teams, we designed a five-star brand suited for lots of different people and businesses.

The new brand is creating ripples both inside and outside the company. 200 new Trustpilot employees. A 30% increase in customer email engagement. A 99.9% approval from businesses. Upcoming expansions into the US and Australasia. And even more life-changing reviews. Most recently, Trustpilot debuted on the London Stock Exchange with a £1.1 billion valuation.

Our brand refresh wasn't just about a more modern visual and verbal identity to stand us apart from all competitors. It was also about creating a universal symbol of trust to help guide us all through today's age of distrust. V3 understood the great complexity of this challenge and effectively married creativity and strategy to help us achieve our mission.Glenn Manoff, Chief Communications Officer, TrustPilot