A global brand with true purpose

We needed to establish a new brand with the power to fight global food shortages. OpenAgTM was born to unite two companies and create something greater than the sum of its parts.
"When we spoke to v3, they explained that we had to go further than brand to make a real difference. This was about business transformation."Carlos Pellicer, COO - Integration Global Strategy and Special Growth Initiatives, UPL

Global gain

By 2050, the current global food system will no longer be able to sustain the world’s population. We recognised that the 5thbiggest crop solutions company in the world could be perfectly positioned to act.

No limits, no borders

To bring UPL and Arysta together we created the brand OpenAgTM. It was the vision of an agriculture network for the whole world. No limits. No borders. And it found the common core in both companies to make them greater than the sum of their parts.

Because modern agriculture’s linear supply chain model is outdated, it prevents positive change. Driven by technology and a new brand, OpenAgTM has the ambition to replace that rigid model with a flexible network of new ideas, connections and possibilities.

A sustainable vision

As a purpose and a set of values, OpenAgTM created a new company with a new culture. One that thousands of employees are rallying around to build a future for the company and for the world.

More importantly though, OpenAgTM has the vision to combat world food shortages over the coming decades. Whether that’s delivering better access to food products that are either limited or absent (like fruit and vegetables in developing nations) or giving fair prices to independent growers and farmers. It’s a truly sustainable vision for tomorrow.

"v3 created a purpose-led brand identity. One that unites our teams and drives our business forward."Carlos Pellicer, COO - Integration Global Strategy and Special Growth Initiatives, UPL