v3 Roundtable, New York – Maximising Brand Relevance

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As part of our v3 Roundtable series, the latest event focused on Maximising Brand Relevance held at Hotel Chelsea, New York. 

We were joined by contributing voices from the world’s biggest brands. From Nike, Pernon Picard, PayPal, and NBA to Pinterest, Audible, Coca-Cola, Washington Post and sweetgreen. 

The discussion focused on brand relevance, why brands lose it and how to maintain momentum and timelessness. We took away four key headlines:

1 — Get out of your own way.

By chasing relevance and reverence, we forget that we, the chasers, are not best placed to have the answers. Spend time with communities, co-create with them, then share in the success. And never forget — you are probably not your audience.

2 — Innovate & Disrupt.

Never underestimate the power of the new. But never new’ for new’s sake. Earn attention and affection by innovating for customers and, more importantly, disrupting yourself. New processes, different people, unexpected partners, reframed perspectives.

3 — Know yourself.

Relevance is earned through functional product, service fit, and through emotional, attitudinal alignment. The latter is perhaps better described as brand resonance. And for that to be remotely possible, brands must know who they are and act against those values boldly and consistently.

4 — Know your place.

Relevance can also be achieved by delivering perfectly and consistently on the functional role you play in someone’s life. Costco know their place and deliver on it. Ryanair know their place and double down on it. In doing so, both brands create strong emotional connections with their customers and a salient place in modern culture.

The event paved the path for a future filled with opportunities, instead of obstacles. It shed light on the intricacies of brand and the importance of essentialism. In the dynamic world of consumer awareness, it’s more important than ever never to stop dissecting the ever-changing landscape of brand. 

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