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When we started venturethree 25 years ago, our mantra was ‘Why dream of the future, when you can create it’.

We were lucky enough to immediately be working with clients who wanted to create bold and original futures – for people, for entire industries, for communities and societies, for the world. In more recent years we've been inspired by forward thinkers like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill and Melinda Gates, Lei Jun, James Murdoch and Uday Shankar, whose worlds we have touched with our work. What sets these leaders apart is two things. Their willingness to take imaginative leaps. And their ability to construct a whole new reality as they do this.

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This is Imagined Realities. A kind of future-making that is exciting and powerful. It urges you to think deeply about where you want to go and then to make that vision the guiding force behind every decision. It can be achieved with the tools of brand.

Businesses with a powerfully defined future are more focused and less reactive. They know who they are and why they exist, and they connect with people more meaningfully. By working backwards from what can be, they don’t simply default to what is.

They’re not afraid to sacrifice certain opportunities and revenue streams in the short term, to deepen trust and create lasting engagement over the longer term. Meanwhile, this visionary perspective helps them spot possibilities that others miss. These are the qualities that define great brands – brands that in turn define the world we live in.

Building around Imagined Realities also creates strong cultures for sustained success. Cultures that supercharge the efforts of the people who work within them. By creating a shared belief in the future, these vision-led businesses innovate with purpose. Even in periods of disruption, they stay magnetic and effective. They see brand not solely as a tool to manage perception, but as a fundamental driver of business and a beacon for transformation.

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As brand partners, it’s our job to challenge assumptions, to uncover what your business is - and could be - about.

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Imagined Realities is an idea that embraces ambiguity as a productive force, seeing creativity as essential and technology as opportunity. From the get-go, we make it fun for our clients to move beyond their comfort zones. And promote the freedom, safety, inspiration and debate that visionary thinking needs to flourish.

Vision sets a bold ambition for the future. Culture aligns your people behind the brand. Action sparks brave moves. Expression grows your presence.

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This work opens up new space for creativity within companies, outside the routines of business-as-usual. While most individuals and teams innovate locally, our work concentrates the organisation’s imaginative energy on its overall future, to uncover new potential and explore alternative scenarios.

Though storytelling is a big part of what we do, Imagined Realities are not fictional. We go deep to understand the business and its commercial and cultural contexts. By starting with rigour, we open the door to imagination. From there, brand has a wonderful power to translate what has been imagined into what’s real – in other words, what people can feel and respond to. Imagined Realities are tangible today, even as they light a path to the future.

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Right now, people are impatient for change in the world. As old systems fail, we urgently need new alternatives. New ideas and bold thinking to reshape our collective future. This better world will not arrive by accident. It must first be imagined. And then made real, by brilliant businesses and the tenacious people who lead them. This is not just a social imperative but a commercial one. By stepping up to lead, these companies prove their value and earn a place in our lives.

We believe that brand is the most powerful force for designing new futures. It just needs a willingness to leap. 

We can do this with Imagined Realities. 

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