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Reinventing global food systems

The global food system has a huge part to play in the future of our planet. It has the power to feed starving populations, slow climate change and stabilise economies. Agricultural solutions business UPL approached us to create a new purpose-led brand with the power to transform every part of this system.

From 100 hectares of Brazilian farmland to the biolabs of India, our team immersed themselves in life at the front lines of the food system. Setting a bold new vision for the brand by trialling real-world scenarios and playing out the impact they could have.

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We identified that the food system’s challenges were too complex for any single organisation to solve alone. Instead, we imagined an open network to benefit the world. OpenAg is a bold new model that brings together businesses, NGOs, governments and farmers, to feed the planet reliably and sustainably. Championed by leadership, the new brand ignited a new UPL, influencing everything from culture to R&D.

v3 created a purpose-led brand identity. One that unites our teams and drives our business forward.

— Carlos Pellicer, COO - Integration Global Strategy and Special Growth Initiatives, UPL

The OpenAg network

OpenAg operates by creating new businesses to solve urgent challenges. Like nurture.farm, a digital marketplace that makes agriculture fairer and more sustainable. NPP, which helps farmers improve the health of their crops. And Decco, a revolutionary way to reduce food waste post-harvest. As each and every new business powers up the OpenAg network, our ongoing partnership with UPL continues to evolve – driving strategic direction, future vision-setting, brand invention and innovation. For a sustainable global future. No limits. No borders.

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NPP - Micro power, macro impact
nurture.farm - A digital marketplace making agriculture more sustainable
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DECCO - More. Beautiful. Fresh.




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