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Stack em high, sell em cheap. That was the assumed Frasers Group mentality when we started working with them in 2019. But for a company with a huge portfolio of brands and unparalleled distribution across the UK and into Europe, we saw a huge opportunity to play a deeper role in consumers’ lives.

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Working closely with Frasers’ Head of Elevation – now CEO – we imagined a model of collective strength, that compounds the power of every brand in the portfolio. We reframed Frasers from a commercial retailer to a brand company. Not just a shop front for the brands they sell, but a world-class brand in their own right.

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Our vision – to make Frasers the world’s most admired and compelling brand ecosystem. And through this aspiration and accessibility, elevate the lives of customers across the UK and Europe.

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To do it, we recreated the Frasers business model, reimagining how culture, customers, platforms, stories and brands interacted. We elevated existing brands, like Slazenger, USC and Everlast, creating new purposes, identities and behaviours. We transformed Sports Direct into a brand with value and authenticity at heart, with a bold new purpose to use the powers of sport to champion the legend in everyone. For Flannels, we defined the rules of new luxury’ as something inclusive and modern that could reach people all over the country and across Europe.

Every opportunity creates a chance to enact and prove the larger Frasers vision. Like Frasers+, a credit product that connects spending experiences across the ecosystem to advance peoples’ lives. v3 continues to be the strategic and creative conscience of Frasers, guarding and realising their vision. Through close partnership, we’ve helped to increase the Frasers share price, changed their reputation in the market and set their business direction for the next decade.

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