NOW — Creating a community obsessed with brilliant entertainment and sport

Creating a community obsessed with brilliant entertainment and sport

Unparalleled streaming

Ever get the feeling you’re just scrolling through life? NOW was born to right the wrongs of the entertainment industry and remove all barriers to watching whatever you want right now.

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v3 have been NOW’s partner in evolution since 2012, working with them to constantly imagine, create and evaluate their brand. Our purpose is to make now as entertaining as possible, by bringing the best movies, entertainment and sport together in one place with no contract.

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Our purpose is to make NOW as entertaining as possible

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From name to identity to positioning, NOW was created in 2012 to be the ultimate challenger. But by 2020, it was time to adapt for an audience experiencing the global pandemic. We ran business-wide workshops to set the future vision for NOW.

In experience mapping sessions, we identified customers’ key pain points and moments of joy to create the an unparalleled experience. NOW became the home of brilliant entertainment. A destination that treated everyone as a member, not a customer, and made sure they never missed out. 

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Across every market, every touchpoint, our ambition remains the same – to be the go-to destination for millions of sports and entertainment fans.

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Adapting for every mood

To build NOW’s fame, we can adapt the master logo inspired by content we’re really excited by. Our adaptive logos are unique, demonstrating we’re passionate about our content. The ‘O’ of NOW captures light and energy from the films and shows we love, drawing people into our brand and our brilliant content.

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Today, we continue to evolve NOW and keep it future-focused. In the UK, the brand has been so successful at making now as entertaining as possible that we’ve rolled it out across Ireland, the US and Germany. 

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