Sky — 20+ years of brand partnership

Believing in better

For over 20 years, we’ve been Sky’s brand partner.

Creating a brand to reposition Sky from a satellite technology retailer to an entertainment brand fit for the 21st century.

Innovation and the pace of change is relentless. We’re helping to future-proof Sky’s brand, by realising the limitless possibilities of entertainment and connectivity for millions of people.

To connect Sky to the entertainment people love we created the Sky Glass mark, allowing the brand to shine centre stage, heroing iconic moments from the world of entertainment, sports and movies.

Partners in progress – we’ve positioned, named and designed distinctive brand worlds for Sky+, Sky Q, Sky Glass and created new brands to help launch Sky Mobile and Sky Broadband.

Sky 07 BB Full Fibre 1920x1080
Sky 08 BB Wifi Max
Sky 09 Mobile Iphone

We’ve also helped Sky expand into new areas, experiences and initiatives, whilst keeping the brand’s DNA and building on the brand purpose to bring better content and innovation to all of Sky’s customers, better connecting them to more of what they love.

Redefining the role an entertainment company can play in the world; a force for not only transforming the industry, but for cultural and societal impact too, creating Sky Academy, Sky Zero and Sky Up.

Sky 11 Zero

Sky is always pushing and striving, and so are we. We’ve worked with Sky’s leadership to position them for the future, defining a mission, purpose and values to help the brand continually evolve.

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