Sky Broadband — Built for Entertainment

Built for Entertainment

Built for entertainment

Sky Broadband is the UK’s fastest-growing broadband provider. It Believes in better’ for in-home connectivity. We were asked to evolve its brand identity to bring to life the fact that Sky Broadband is the only provider Built for Entertainment’.

Sky Broadband gamer in glowing connected home
Sky Broadband warp world 48 sheet poster
Sky Broadband warp world digital 6 sheet bus stop
Sky Broadband spectrum bolt newspaper press advert
Sky Broadband connected home 48 sheet despicable me minion campaign poster

The need for speed

Speed is still the highest priority for broadband customers. So we wanted every touchpoint to feel fast. To do this we developed a bespoke go faster’ cut of Sky’s brand font. This speedy typeface includes custom, dynamic glyphs.

Sky Broadband speed text glyph detail
Sky Broadband speed type glyph detail single letter

Warp factor

Lightning-fast broadband should look lightning fast. We introduced a spectrum Speed Warp’, to show off headline copy in an unmistakably Sky way.

Bolt beyond

A single Speed Bolt’ creates a distinctive and eye-catching backdrop to signpost different packages and cut through in ever-evolving digital spaces.

Sky Broadband purple bolt deal cards
Sky Broadband spectrum bolt website and social media mockup

Get connected

As well as making our design world feel faster, we evolved the WiFi symbol that, in conjunction with the Minions, expresses in-home connection.

Max factor

The new identity is designed to flex. So, when Sky WiFi Max, the Ultra HD of WiFi, came along, we turned the look and feel up to the Max, filling the home with entertainment, whether you’re in the attic or the annexe.

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