Sky Glass — Redefining the category

TV reimagined

What would it be like if Sky made a TV?” The vision was for Sky to become the beating heart of the home. 

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Redefining the category beyond TV, providing entertainment, lifestyle, health, fitness, and human connection. Shop while you watch. Workout live in your living room. Call the family on the big screen. This was the origin of Sky Glass. Imagined in partnership with Sky.

We named the TV Glass’. A window into the future of entertainment. From our positioning, we created the brand strategy, identity and launch campaign. The brand needed to balance cutting-edge innovation with a human touch. It brings together the best of Sky innovation to offer customers a simpler, more entertaining, more human experience. The ultimate expression of technology that belongs at the heart of the home.

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As Sky’s brand partners for over 20 years, we positioned this flagship innovation to deliver on the brand’s vision and act as a catalyst for its future.

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Brand powered every phase of the innovation process, from industrial design, UI and UX, feature and content creation.

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Sky Glass is TV reimagined. The next era of an entertainment superpower. And the catalyst for a future of constant evolution. Together, we created something more than a TV, at the cutting-edge of innovation. 

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