Slazenger — Equipping a new generation of legends

Equipping a new generation of legends

Powering the next century of sport

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We were all born to come together and play – but sometimes old rules, bad habits and dated attitudes get in the way. Heritage sporting brand Slazenger has been equipping stars in tennis, golf and cricket for 140 years. But we saw an opportunity for them to do much more and play a deeper role in people’s lives by breaking down barriers to participation.

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We pushed them to live up to their challenger mindset and question the status quo in elite sports. With bold invention and bright imagination, we repositioned the Slazenger brand as a beacon for inclusivity. 

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Playful and maverick, we created a new purpose to make elite sport accessible to new communities, cultures and generations – reengineering Slazenger as a brand at the top of its game, not past its prime. 

We built a new brand expression championing what people already know and love about Slazenger: its iconic yellow ball.Slazenger Roundel
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Working with their in-house product design team, we developed a product architecture for the most accessible and elite ends of its range, heroed its signature neon yellow, and optimised the famous cat logotype for the next generation.

Throughout its history, Slazenger has named its products around the idea: ‘Challenge’ – so we brought this to life through messaging that celebrates British innovation, disrupts tradition and drives community. A bright new future for Slazenger and British sport.

Here’s to the next 140 years.




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