Tata Play — Energising entertainment for one of India’s most loved brands

Energising entertainment for one of India’s most loved brands

A new icon for India

From airlines to automobiles, coffee to communications, Tata is one of India’s biggest, best loved brands. Over the last 15 years, their entertainment offering has become the number one paid TV platform in India, a super-aggregator that provides the world’s best quality TV and streaming services to 21.3 million subscribers.

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A young country – full of digitally savvy people – deserves a youthful brand. Tata approached us to reimagine their entertainment offer, stretching it beyond their traditional audiences and products. Our vision was to embrace the Tata brand and present it to the world with new meaning and energy – Tata like you’ve never seen it before.

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At the heart was Play Better’, a brand idea that speaks to the new name, the joy of entertainment and a commitment to making tomorrow better than today for both homes and families.

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Working closely with Tata Play’s leadership, our mission was to build new meaning into the new brand. Because Play doesn’t just mean fun. It’s also freedom – to watch any content and any channel on any screen. Flexibility – to go live, catch up, jump in and out. Quality. Innovation. Connection. It’s about betterment in every sense

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v3 brought our bold vision to life. They gave us a unique creative solution of the utmost simplicity by taking something we already own and filling it with new meaning. It was so compelling that there was no room for debate.

— Anurag Kumar, Chief Communications Officer, Tata Play
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At the heart of Tata Play is the play symbol. Repurposed from the recognisable A’ of Tata, it signifies play’, but also more than’, progress’ and betterment’ – a new icon for India, just like the brand itself. The brand’s colour palette is bold and single-minded, with hot pink representing the vibrancy of India. Across channels, products and partnerships, the Tata Play design system feels singular and flexible.

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The Tata Play ecosystem consists of a family of closely connected sub brands – including Binge, Secure and Fiber – that accommodate the bold scope and ambitions of Tata Play. The iconic play symbol flows through each sub brand, and expands into a distinctive design system that allows each to uniquely flex.

Tata Play Binge

Born digital for a younger, urban audience who live their lives online, Binge is Tata Play’s aggregator brand. Since 2019, it has brought streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV and Netflix to people across India. To bring the brand to life, we integrated the ‘B’ from Binge into the play symbol and built a fresh, ownable icon that speaks to a digital-native audience.

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This is just the beginning. With a new brand, clear focus, and new avenues to explore in the future, Tata Play is already pressing play on ‘better’ for millions in India.

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