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Connecting to awesome

By leading with gigs and bits, the internet category has lost sight of how amazing the internet is. With over 34 million customers and ranked as the world’s 40th most valuable brand in 2023, Xfinity are reigniting the awesomeness of the internet – to redefine what it means to be a connection company.

By empowering households across the US to connect with more of what they love, we imagined a possibilities space for Xfinity. Where people can rediscover the joy and potential of connectivity and use it to enhance their lives.

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We created an Xfinity brand that could deliver emotional experiences and realise the wonder of connectivity. The X’ symbol is a new icon for the power of connection. The treatment of light and colour symbolises the spectrum of emotions and possibility that connection offers. And a cohesive set of principles (simple, personal and awesome) drive brand unity across internal teams and external agencies.

Together, we rolled out the new brand across packaging, vehicles, retail stores, websites and campaigns all across America. A brand based on connection in turn powered a more connected company, reflecting the true power of brand to catalyse business change.

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