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If everyone thinks they know you, how do you take back your brand’s narrative?

Judo flip perceptions into undeniable truths. From pile-it-high and sell-it-cheap merchants to accessible and empowering. From brash to authentic. Championing the legend in everyone – and we mean everyone – to ensure we are all #equalthroughsport.

Sports Direct 2020
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What’s the sound of digital credit?

‘bip’. A ‘bip’ when you tap the card. A ‘bip’ when you press to pay. A ‘bip’ at the heart of the brand and its experience. Which is why we called it ‘bip’ too. Credit made as simple as it sounds.

Bip 2021
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How do you salvage then restore 150 years of brand equity?

By putting the big cat well and truly amongst the pigeons. Revitalising the business’ engineering and craft chops, inspiring participation by championing inclusion and disrupting elite sports with new ideas.

Slazenger 2023

Twenty years ago we pitched an idea: ‘Less TV, more you’.

A brand that got out of its own way. And led to the creation of the glass mark – so instead the content that people love coloured the brand. Centre stage, a window to world-class entertainment, shining through to everyone who loves it.

Sky 2003
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Can brand help prevent the downfall of a civilisation?

Can it rise up against the rogue machine that has emerged in the absence of a meaningful idea to guide your business? A 6-month deep dive into the data and processes of a social network suggests: yes. Which is nice. Just not without vision, a few tough fights, and some considerable collaborative effort.

The Social Network 2022

How do you own a category as dry as customer reviews?

Remind everyone that those words are more than clicks and conversions. Yes, it’s a datapoint – but one that’s personal and collaborative. A moment of expression that people feel. Millions of times a day. All over the world.

Trustpilot 2018
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How do you brand the world's largest start-up?

Our vision for Reliance was simple. We weren’t launching a 5G network but starting a movement, one that would change the life of every single person in India. We called it Jio – meaning ‘live life’ in Hindi – a name that captures the energy unleashed when half a billion people are connected to everything everywhere. The power to transform India.

Jio 2015
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How does a snackable gaming platform reward its most valued players?

By elevating the world of the game and what they play for – with candies becoming pieces of art. Play has never been so premium.

King 2022
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How do you make the most famous name in books fit for the multi-platform, omni-channel, always-on world we live in today?

Free the penguin.

Penguin Random House 2015
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How do you make naming more creative, more rigorous?

NAOMI is our AI-powered name discovery engine, Currently in beta, it is part of our team adding machine logic to human imagination.

NAOMI 2017

How can a small idea be such a big deal?

For NPP we created the Micros, an army of biosolutions, protecting plants and restoring soil health to bring the planet back into balance.

NPP (Natural Plant Protection) 2020
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What if we tracked poverty with the same accuracy we do the stock market?

In 2013 we worked with the World Bank to create the GAP Index. A measure of the number of people living in extreme poverty and a countdown to a time when this would no longer be a day-to-day reality for billions around the world. For once technology held us back and in 2015 the project was postponed. But the need for the GAP Index remains.

World Bank 2013

Look back in wonder.

20 years on, a look back at the strangely wonderful brand we created for ish – a pioneer in a world of generic telcos.

Ish 2003