Senior Creative Strategist

Hybrid London

venturethree is an independent global brand company, imagining new futures and making them real using the power of brand. We are based in London with a growing presence in the US, and we’re looking for a Senior Creative Strategist to work on a Fortune 300 client. The role is vast with multiple high-profile projects within the technology and media space. You’ll be required to travel to the US, lead the strategic work with our senior in-house team, and hold your own with c-suite clients.



  • Immerse yourself in our clients’ world, explore and research their industry through desk and primary research
  • Reduce your research and findings. Get to the insight and present it clearly and confidently to your team
  • Develop strategic territories, stress test them and relate them back to the brief and our clients’ business
  • Write the brand strategy to capture the thinking
  • Lean-in to creative strategy, with a focus on ideas and concepts
  • Together with the Creative team, make the leap to a big idea
  • Build compelling presentations. Think about the journey and what will wow our clients
  • Present the strategic piece to clients, share the thinking and sell your ideas in an engaging way
  • Establish strong client relationships at a senior level
  • Identify and anticipate potential strategic challenges and help our clients overcome them
  • Look for new opportunities beyond the current scope
  • Take responsibility and be accountable to getting the work done to the very highest standards
  • Brief and collaborate with Creative, Writing & Motion to bring your work alive
  • Be plugged-in to brand, business and culture, share references and show enthusiasm for our world


  • An effective presenter, you share your work confidently and articulately
  • Great with ideas. A creative thinker who comes at things conceptually
  • Sharp with language. Someone who can clearly capture and communicate the essence of an idea
  • Experienced in the art of keeping it simple

venturethree celebrates individuality and independence. We welcome people of all stories, backgrounds and ages and give every person an equal opportunity to develop themselves and their career. We believe everyone has a valuable contribution to make and that a diverse team pushes our work and thinking for the better.

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