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Society finds itself at a critical juncture, following significant shifts in the last five years. Amidst this period of transformation, there is a resounding call for a future marked by shared values, strong communities, adaptable work setups, purpose-driven technology, and sustainable living practices.

We noticed significant shifts in behaviours, so we decided to conduct a study taking a cross-representation of UK society and see what people actually want from their new reality. To nobody’s surprise, data shows that 89% of people believe the vital role of making change happen falls to brands, not individuals. Remarkably, 84% see societal shifts not as crises, but as opportunities for positive change.

The New Local

Brands must respond decisively to this mandate, aligning their actions with the aspirations of consumers. Prioritising social goals over profit-centric motives is paramount, with 85% of respondents emphasising this shift. The concept of 'the new local' underscores the growing importance of community bonds, with 81% expressing a preference for supporting local businesses.

Brands, regardless of size, must integrate themselves into communities to foster genuine connections. The changing landscape of work, with 72% favouring remote work and 84% advocating for a reassessment of job roles, presents an opportunity for brands to empower individuals with flexible work arrangements.

Tech With Intent

Technology is a crucial part of our lives. And it was a means to an end during precarious times. However, people told us that technology, though a powerful tool, can’t replace spontaneity - and had concerns about privacy that inhibited their enthusiasm overall.

Brands need to show that they’re innovative - but use technology purposefully, not for its own sake. Use technology to facilitate meaningful connections, rather than adding to our isolations. We’ve seen a rise in compassionate AI because people want technology that genuinely connects us. By making tech more human and empathetic, compassionate AI builds trust and provides better experiences. Brands that use compassionate AI can connect more deeply with their customers, creating stronger and more loyal relationships.

Spotlight On Sustainability

Sustainability is paramount, with 87% urging brands to integrate eco-friendly practices into their operations. Brands play a crucial role in fostering inclusivity and prioritising planetary well-being. In the face of economic pressures, brands are called upon to translate aspirations into tangible actions, shaping narratives and inspiring change. 

By aligning with the collective vision of society, we can lead the charge towards a brighter future.

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