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The past four years have not only redefined society but rewired people’s fundamental values. Across the US, we’re seeing new dynamics take hold, defined above all by a profound desire for authentic connection and meaningful engagement.

We kicked off this study because we noticed some big changes in how people think and act, which we wanted to understand more deeply. In every sector, brands were questioning their future plans and how to handle this new reality. So, we figured the best way to get some real answers was to go straight to the source: the people.

Prioritising the personal and the positive

71% of individuals have reevaluated their values and priorities since the pandemic, with 55% now placing a higher importance on connections with friends, family, and partners. People are prepared to act on these values: for 72% of respondents, a period of reflection has led to a renewed focus on cultivating long-term relationships and personal growth, especially among Gen Z. Alongside this desire for deeper connections, however, there is a noticeable sense of hesitation. As these dynamics entrench further, brands face the challenge of navigating this shifting landscape.

Are brands offering experiences that resonate with individuals' values? How can brands empower individuals to reclaim control of their time and independence? What measures can brands take to assist in reintegrating individuals into society?

Redefining Connection

The need for brands to drive positive change has never been more urgent. Technology has proven invaluable in bridging physical distances, highlighting the importance of secure digital connections that foster a sense of belonging.

We’ve seen a rise in compassionate AI because people want technology that genuinely connects us. By making tech more human and empathetic, compassionate AI builds trust and provides better experiences. Brands that use compassionate AI can connect more deeply with their customers, creating stronger and more loyal relationships.

An End To The Disunited States

Brands must align with evolving societal values and provide tangible solutions to address pressing issues like healthcare accessibility. Moreover, as national identity undergoes transformation, brands must cultivate communities rooted in shared values and identity. an immense 99% of Americans expect brands to act on social issues besides them. 

By aligning with social causes and nurturing authentic connections, brands can lead the way towards a more inclusive future. Ultimately, the future belongs to those who courageously navigate this evolving terrain. Brands must embrace their role as architects of connection, forging new pathways that bridge the gap of isolation and division.

In this era of transformation, one thing is abundantly clear: the revival of connection isn't just a passing trend but an enduring imperative that will shape society for years to come.

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