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Realising a vision for ever-elevating retail

Did digital kill the British high street? Not if you study Frasers Group’s defiant performance. In fact, it is digital that is powering a real-world retail revival.

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Through fearless investment in their brands, people and technology – and by leveraging the scale and sophistication of their unique ecosystem — Frasers Group had the opportunity to play a deeper role in customers’ lives. A credit-empowered experience platform rewards customers for their loyalty and serves to deliver on the brand’s purpose to elevate the lives of the many.


We defined the long-term vision and day-one expression of Frasers Plus, a personal shopping experience that gives you more of what you love. From pay-in-four for the new Adidas Predators, to exclusive discounts on Stone Island. And the more you engage, the more you unlock money-can’t‑buy experiences from partners like Nike or Gucci, and Ai powered-personal-prompts when your favourite designer drops their latest collection.

The dynamic and digital-first design system reflects the feeling of more. Inviting customers to lean in, explore and discover. The plus icon was created to adopt and the colours from Frasers Group’s existing brands and the brands of our partners.

Across web, app icons, in-store campaign and film launched at its internal Frasers Festival, we imagined a progressive, ever-growing brand that accelerates retails revival and provides a platform that can constantly evolve and get more’ better.

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