Sports Direct — From high street to higher purpose

From high street to higher purpose

Equal through sport

For 30 years, Sports Direct has been known as the go-to for low-cost sports gear. But whilst the business was doing well, the brand was not. Together with Sports Direct, we created an elevation strategy to reposition the brand from high street ‘value’ player to empowerment champion.

To do it, we unlocked a deeper purpose – to use the power of sport to champion the legend in everyone. The previous focus on low-cost was transformed into an obsession with accessibility. Because no matter your budget, ambition or body, sport is a right for everyone. 

Sports Direct 3x Billboard
SD Instagram

From expression to in-store experience to staff sentiment, the new Sports Direct is bold, authentic and disruptive. It begins in the equaliser’ mark – a powerful statement of intent, that can proudly sit alongside the Nike swoosh and Adidas three stripes.

Sports direct sign

The brand lives across campaigns – like 2020’s Come Back Better’, which empowered kids to return to school after Covid and led to a remarkable 11% uplift in YOY sales – as well as an elevated in-store experience, designed in collaboration with Nike and Adidas across hundreds of stores.

Sports Direct Comeback better Billboard
Sports Direct Monster Kickabout
Sports Direct Clothsurgeon
Sports Direct store
Sports Direct logo

Through ongoing collaboration and a commitment to elevation, we continue to move the brand forward. For the first time in 30 years, the Sports Direct brand is more than a mug – it’s an ongoing promise to make people feel confident and empowered, whatever their goal, budget or ability.

Forest Green Rovers Sports Direct
Sports Direct Sports Fest Insta
Sports Direct Mug
Sports Direct Everdays shoe
Sports Direct Instore signage
Sports Direct Equal Play

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