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Open Door

Ready to Open Doors?

Looking for a second set of eyes on your portfolio? Want to know what a career in brand is really like? Open Door is a virtual event, helping recent graduates like you land brilliant brand jobs. We want to bring different skills to the industry – so don’t worry if you don’t have a degree in marketing or graphic design. If you’re creative, or hungry to learn more about brand and the opportunities it can offer, this is for you.

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What is it?

A chance to get your portfolio reviewed by brand experts, venturethree. We’ll also answer your questions about getting started in the creative industries, and give you the chance to meet other people who’re starting out in their creative careers.

When is it?

Thursday 22nd July, 6-7pm.

How does it work?

We’ll meet virtually for a one-hour chat. Here’s how it breaks down:

Introduction to brand

We’ll explain what a career in brand looks like – and how to break into the industry
30 mins

Portfolio critique

A 1-to-1 with a v3 expert in your field or area of interest, where they give you feedback and answer your questions
20 mins


A chance to chat with other students and make connections
10 mins

Who is it for?

Everyone who’s interested in a creative career. We offer portfolio crits, through a brand lens, for people with all sorts of different skillsets and career ambitions:






-Motion designers


-Sound designers


-UX/UI designers


-Thinkers and Makers

-Anyone who has a creative skill

How do I apply?

Its first come, first served.

Register on Eventbrite.