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The Fight For Our Planet: Leading By Example

Climate change is a global issue that affects all 7 billion of us. Our planet is deteriorating, but most people don’t yet see how it is and will directly impact them. Industries and attitudes need to change dramatically, before it’s too late.

When v3 Green launched in 2014 it was all about the facts and figures. We reduced our carbon footprint by 16%, but our studio culture still needed to evolve to help drive the initiative. We hadn’t harnessed the power of our collective by engaging everyone across the business to become a force for positive change.

We revisited the project to think about how we could get everyone behind it. We looked at the day-to-day running of the studio and the problem was clear: We could be doing so much more. Starting in 2017, v3 is becoming a greener place.

v3 Green’s new brand gives the initiative an identity that’s instantly recognisable and creates a common thread that unites each individual project and ties them to our ambition.


We are partnering with green energy company ecotricity, which uses its customers’ energy bills to fund new resources and schemes like their Eco Labs. The energy venturethree consumes is now 100% renewable.

Selection of paper bags

Bio Collectors are tackling landfills by turning food waste into agricultural fertiliser and green energy that powers local London businesses. Alongside signing up for the scheme, disposable bags were banned in the studio and a reusable alternative was created. Our v3 Green tote bags get the brand onto the streets and reduce our lunchtime waste.

Selection of books with Venturethree branding

In the belief that a series of small changes deliver big impact, day to day in the studio has had to change so we repurposed studio scrap paper into sketch pads for the ink inclined and cut our paper wastage by 70%

Computer screens

Energy from devices left on standby accounts for about 1% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. A reminder to switch off serves to remind everyone to power down when they leave.


The planet’s outlook may seem bleak. But every day around the world there are new, ground-breaking initiatives, projects on every scale with the sole purpose of sparking a massive shift and businesses being set up to help solve the problem.

We’re leading by example; our mission is to inspire action in the community and make the world a greener place.

It’s just the beginning for v3 Green. Watch this space…