v3 Breakfast: Food Systems 4.0 highlights

Our latest v3 Breakfast, Food Systems 4.0, explored the technology and intelligence that’s changing how we eat.

Around the world, people are calling for more transparency, scalability and sustainability. But how are food brands really meeting this demand? We heard from the food industry's most exciting disruptors and academics about creating sustainable food systems today.

From Burberry to UK Harvest, find out more about our speakers and watch their highlights below.


Miriam Ribul, Burberry Material Futures - the first research group of its kind, turning food waste into fabric

Solveiga Pakštaitė, Mimica Lab - the James Dyson Award winner that's tackling food waste

Dom Postlethwaite, Ooho!- the world's first edible water bottle

Dejan Mitrovic, Department 22 - revolutionising our food systems

Claire Poole, UK Harvest - the surplus food superheroes

Miriam Ribul, Burberry Material Futures

Dejan Mitrovic, Department 22

Claire Poole, UK Harvest

Dom Postlethwaite, Notpla