venturethree Nov 18, 2018

Technology is changing everything. But what does that mean for our health? And is it always a good thing?

We invited three leading experts to share their thoughts and insights on the health industry, how technology is shaping it and where that leaves its consumers.

Mobile playing at a breakfast meeting

People have never had more control over their health. Branka Zlatkov, CEO of Glycanage offers a product that allows people to test their true biological age. The lives we lead and the environments we exist in can change our entire cellular make-up, it’s not just about genes and DNA.

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From cells, we jump to physical activity with biomechanics expert, Anthony Fletcher. The problem with health fads and trends, is that with so many out there, it’s hard to know what really is good for us - and what might actually be detrimental to our health.

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And finally, Annie is the Brand and Marketing Director of Moody. They are building technology for women to better understand themselves from a health perspective. Although there is such a huge amount of access to information, there are still big gaps when it comes to women’s health. And the rise in Femtech aims to make sure those gaps are closed.

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And what did our audience think?

- 68% would allow themselves to be genetically edited to prevent illness/disease

- 78% weren’t concerned about sharing their health data

- 89% said they were personally responsible for their data over the government and other heath professionals

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