More. Beautiful. Fresh.

Decco, part of UPL’s OpenAg network, is at the heart of the world’s food system. It takes fruits, vegetables and other produce, and makes sure it gets to supermarkets and dinner plates as fresh as it was when picked from the tree or pulled from the ground. We sharpened DECCO’s purpose. Its role is to deliver more and better fresh food for the world, smoothing out inefficiencies in the food supply chain – a vital part of global food security and making agriculture sustainable.

Making more look beautiful

Decco’s new brand is a celebration of freshness and abundance. A set of iconographic fruit and vegetables – apples, potatoes, cherries, pineapples, blueberries, pears, tomatoes, melons, kiwis, peppers and much, much more – provide an eye-catching, vibrant identity – a visual feast.

Fresher together

Decco is a gateway for new thinking, encouraging new relationships with start-ups and established players alike – farmers, packers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and local communities.

From these come innovations such as breathable packaging, autonomous distribution, and off-grid storage solutions. All aimed at reducing waste, and increasing nutritional value, so more people around the world can enjoy more fresh and flavoursome food.

v3 opened our eyes providing a fresh and beautiful view of what we are currently doing and the opportunities that ‘More, Beautiful, Fresh’ bringsDECCO, President & CEO