Making everyday simpler

Credit’s a part of everyday life and having access to it can be incredibly useful. But equally, being unable to access it, or mismanaging it - can be stressful, embarrassing, and difficult to see a way out of. Working with Aqua, we’ve created a brand that lets people know that there is another way. All you need is a little help.

Changing the face of credit

Aqua is a credit card provided by NewDay, specialising in helping people build their credit score. In this ‘near-prime’ market, there are a lot of quick-fix solutions on offer.

But Aqua believes in providing the tools and advice people need to not only access credit, but to ultimately improve their credit scores for good. We’ve been working with them to create a new brand, for a new approach to credit.

An everyday issue

To deliver that message, we created ‘Aqua’. A pocket-sized personification of the Aqua approach. Empathetic and understanding of your situation. Always there to offer help. And on a mission to get more people on the right path to the ‘Yes’ they need to get their credit moving in the right direction.

It’s this mission, and the lengths Aqua goes to complete it, that formed the basis for the new brand’s launch TV ad.

Making credit simple, for good

Everything from the Aqua tone of voice, to user experience comes from a company that cares about its customers - and wants to see them succeed. Simplified language. Uncluttered design. And hints and tips along the way. If it’s helpful, it’s in the brand. If it’s just adding complexity, it’s not.

Credit plays a big role in millions of lives. With Aqua, we hope that role might be a slightly different one. Our little character’s out in the world, and we’re looking forward to seeing how he makes his mark.