Bormioli Pharma

Putting health in the hands of the world

We helped evolve Bormioli Pharma from a packaging company to a health solution innovator – with the perfect products to create global impact.
“It was either get left behind or move with the times. v3 helped us become the brand we needed to be to stand out in the market and inspire our future.”Enrico Santarelli, CMO, Bormioli Pharma

From supplier to innovator

Bormioli’s Italian passion is in the details. Their 5.5 billion packaging units they produce a year help millions of people get the medicine they need. But with a new patient-focus shaking up healthcare, they needed to rethink their image as a corporate supplier.

We helped transform Bormioli Pharma into a health solution innovator with a simple, but powerful mission – perfect the small things to make big things possible.

Creating a big impact

Working with the Bormioli team, we conducted customer interviews and refined the new brand platform until we created an experience users loved.

Thanks to our rebrand, Bormioli Pharma is now recognised as a leader in global health. Together, we pioneered a new space in healthcare, where passion for small details creates a big impact on human lives.

Perfecting the small things

Our new brand serves two roles. It showcases Bormioli’s role as a problem-solver, inventing small things like delivery systems and health devices to bring people the care they need.

The brand also reflects Bormioli’s unique position as a go-between for pharmaceutical companies and patients. By putting people at the heart of the new brand, Bormioli uses their small role in pharma to place health in the hands of the world.

“People’s needs are the heart of everything we do. v3 helped us realise the scale of our impact.”Maria Elena Rusconi, Brand & Communications, Bormioli Pharma