Daily Motion

Keep the world surprising and diverse

Every voice is unique. But in a sea of YouTube videos, it can be easy to get lost. Dailymotion exists to bring liberty and diversity to online video. The ultimate challenger, the brand needed a strong identity to bring these ideals into being.

Bringing liberté and diversité to online video

There has never been a greater time for self-expression. And today we consume and create so much of ours through online video.

But while you may think your Kantian theories or new trainers are special, chances are someone’s already tried them on for size. And posted their thoughts on YouTube (where up to a billion people could be watching). Dailymotion is YouTube’s biggest rival – a French company with aspirations to grow and to give everyone a voice.

Keeping the world surprising and diverse

In a world of YouTube sameness, Dailymotion could stand for freedom, diversity and equality; a place that celebrates everyone’s view.

A new challenger mindset is embedded in the brand, ‘to keep the world surprising and diverse’. It impacts everything from culture to product innovation. A new identity followed, as both an inward and outward symbol of Dailymotion’s transformation.

To the challengers, for the challengers

With 300 million unique monthly viewers and 3 billion + monthly views worldwide, Dailymotion is set to be the ultimate challenger to YouTube and allow people to express their individuality and diversity.