Creating a serious-about-sleep brand

With one third of the world’s population struggling to sleep each night, the cost to the global economy is in the billions. We established Dreem as pioneers in their field – waking up the world to the importance of sleep.
“v3 intuitively understood the complexity of our company. Together, we built a strategy and design system that can deliver our very important mission.”Hugo Mercier, CEO, Dreem

Less short-term tech. More long-term health

Sleepless nights. A miserable reality that affects billions of people and costs trillions for businesses. Dreem came in with one mission – start a sleep revolution. Their product, the Dreem Band, is a revolutionary headband that measures sleep levels. It also deepens sleep with pink noise and curates better sleep programmes through the Dreem Coach app.

Our mission was to transform Dreem from a single tech product to an entire platform for better sleep. A start-up, ready to ‘wake up the world’ to a brighter, healthier and happier tomorrow.

A beautiful impact

Our creative idea, the ‘Beautiful Impact’ of better sleep, focused the brand around positivity and helped them cut through in a distrusted category. We positioned them totally differently to everyone else.

They were a tech pioneer, focused on human impact. A sleep product, focused on giving you better days. In these contradictions, we found a unique balance for the brand.

Bigger dreams on the horizon

Working with the Dreem team meant working with the best in the business. We brought neuroscientists, researchers and software engineers to the front of the brand to give authority to Dreem’s position in a sleep-deprived world.

During our time together, we helped the team launch their new brand at CES – the world’s biggest consumer electronics show. Since then, they’ve welcomed partnerships with Liverpool FC and Air France. Not to mention a $35million grant from legendary global health company, Johnson & Johnson. The perfect jump-start for the sleep revolution.