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Launching a brand to shape the world

We helped shift SES from satellite infrastructure business to technological pioneer by celebrating their impact on the world with a new brand idea – ‘Beyond Frontiers’.
“v3 helped us to see the bigger picture. By focusing more on the impact we make on the world, we felt confident to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the world’s leading technology companies.”Paul Freeman, Vice President, Marketing, SES

A new neighbourhood

SES is one of the world’s leading satellite operators, connecting billions of people, businesses and communities across the globe. But with the commoditisation of satellites, SES were looking for a new mission to take the business into a future being shaped by a new generation of technology giants

These were often the very businesses powered by SES technology. Like Facebook, who introduced their service to Sub Saharan Africa with SES’ technology. And SpaceEx, who partnered with SES to develop the latest reusable rocket

Beyond frontiers

We needed a creative idea big enough to help reposition SES in a new neighbourhood of technological leaders. ‘Beyond Frontiers’ championed SES’ ability to go beyond the frontiers of both technology and geography.

Impact not infrastructure

With a clear focus on the impact that SES brings to the world, we dispensed with the endless images of satellites and introduced a visual language built around aerial photography. SES’ unique view of the world. And a treatment powerful enough to stand alongside the tech giants they partner with.

“The technology we use is the life behind our business, but v3 helped us show our real-life impact. We have brought to life the value of our company for millions of people around the world.”Paul Freeman, Vice President, Marketing, SES