Just Eat

Finding your flavour

When it comes to takeaway, the same old local curry house gets old quickly. We revamped the takeaway experience as an invitation to find your flavour.
"v3 helped us realise we had to be more than just a takeaway app. We had to build a whole community of customers and restaurants."

Exploring a wider menu

Over 15 years ago, Just Eat launched with a game-changing model – bring 65,000 restaurants under a single takeaway platform. Since then, they’ve introduced 14 million people to new tastes in their neighbourhoods. But with the likes of Uber Eats and Deliveroo entering the space, we faced the challenge of maintaining our position.

With the launch of their new app, we encouraged Just Eat to reinvent the takeaway experience and build a community of food lovers.

Finding your flavour

We developed a new message for the Just Eat brand – ‘find your flavour’. It’s a position that celebrates the choices offered by the app. It’s also a reminder that a takeaway can power different moments, like late-night study sessions or picnics in the park.

We also helped restaurants find their flavour by showing how Just Eat was more than a window sticker. We encouraged them to join a growing network of businesses and reach even more customers through focused marketing and exclusive Just Eat deals.

Building a community of food lovers

Partnering with the Just Eat leadership team, we talked to restaurant owners and tested designs to create an app that would benefit everyone. Where customers can try new cuisines, order ahead, track deliveries and enjoy a new takeaway experience.

After a successful British launch, the new brand crossed overseas to Europe and North America – helping even more people find their flavours.

"Since redefining our brand identity in Britain, we’ve expanded this community of food lovers into our other markets, including Spain, France, Belgium, Canada and Mexico."